Schoolz Out 2020

Are you a budding inventor?

School might be out for the summer but innovation is most definitely IN so now is the time to get your thinking cap on and design an energy saving product or initiative which can be used to control the amount of energy which is used in your school.

Take control of energy

Controlling the amount of energy which we use is key to saving energy and money. Let’s take a moment to think about your school…..If you left the lights on in your classroom all of the time it would be a waste of energy because often it is bright enough to see without the lights on. In the same way if the school caretaker left the boiler running throughout the summer it would be too hot and you might need to open the windows in your classrooms – that would be another huge waste of energy.

We therefore need to save energy and we want you to tell us how.


It’s all about design

The BCIA is challenging you to design an energy saving product or initiative for your school which uses an element of control to save energy.

What do we mean?

Well, if we look at the example of the boiler being left running so the classroom is too hot – your product or initiative could be an invention which automatically turns off the boiler on sunny hot days in the summer.

The opportunities for saving energy in your school are endless – you just need to use your imagination, and don’t just think about inventions which could be used now – some of the best inventions are futuristic so think big and think about how your invention could change the amount of energy which your school uses not just now but also in the future.


How to enter

It’s the summer holidays so we don’t want to make this an extra bit of homework – it’s supposed to be fun so all we are asking you to do is show your innovation in the form of a picture. This could be hand drawn or designed on a computer – use whatever method you think best shows how your invention will work.

If you need to use some words to explain how it works that’s fine – but don’t use too many because the maximum number of words which you can use is 300.

There are two age categories

Age 10 and under

Age 11-16

Please make sure you put your age on the entry form or we won’t know which category to enter you in.


What will you win?

A first prize will be awarded to the winner in each category…and you get to choose what you win!

You can choose from:

A 64GB 10.1” iPad Air with a £30 iTunes gift card


An ASUS C434 Full HD 14 Inch Touchscreen ChromeBook


All you need to do is fill in the entry form and send it with your design by email or post to arrive before the deadline of Monday 31 August 2020.

Every entry will be put in front of our judging panel who will look for the best invention and the best use of controls to save energy. The winner will be the design which the panel believes shows the greatest use of innovation and invention to control the amount of energy being used in a school and more importantly, the entry which will save the most energy for their school.

There will be one winner in each category and they will be revealed on 17 September 2020.

Full details are available to download here

An Entry Form is available to download here


A huge thanks goes to our sponsor, Beckhoff Automation who kindly donated one of the prizes for the competition