CentraLine by Honeywell

CentraLine by Honeywell provides focused control solutions for office and apartment buildings, schools, retail premises, universities, hotels and many other kinds of buildings, assuring proven applications, operational excellence and future-proof technology.

Investment in a networked automation system for a building by CentraLine by Honeywell will inevitably repay its cost very quickly by saving energy.  It is equally suited to existing premises and new buildings.  The function of the automation system is to provide the right temperature in the right place at the right times.  A CentraLine by Honeywell system even considers the outside temperatures, the heat loss characteristics of the building, and additional energy sources such as the Sun, PCs, machinery and body heat.

All CentraLine by Honeywell products for HVAC automation use industry standard protocols, so they can be ‘mixed and matched’ with existing plant and controls.  A CentraLine by Honeywell system is designed to be added to and enhanced very easily at any time in the future, unlike many existing systems which provide little scope for expansion.

CentraLine by Honeywell is redefining the way successful businesses work.  With an open mindset and strong focus on online technologies, we provide customers, specifiers, installers, and Partners with information, tools, and services that help them be successful in their business environment.  Furthermore, strong two-way information exchange with Partners is a vital element of CentraLine by Honeywell’s success: from common product specification and development to in-depth technical and business support.

CentraLine by Honeywell control solutions for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and district heating bring a new level of quality to buildings.