Cylon Controls UK

Cylon Controls Limited provides smart energy control solutions for buildings. Founded in 1985, Cylon is now one of the largest independent manufacturers of building control systems in Europe and continues to grow worldwide. With the UnitronUC32 solution Cylon delivered the groundbreaking UniPut™ technology and today continues to lead in terms of innovation and responsiveness to customer requirements. As the independent supplier Cylon’s go-to-market philosophy is based solely on working through approved system integrator partners which ensures competitive service and support for all projects big or small.

The Cylon BEMS is an intelligent system with a low first cost, but which at the same time addresses the true life time cost of intelligent controls. Thanks to its innovative design, UnitronUC32 eliminates premature system replacement, and reduces the ongoing investment required for building management and maintenance. So not only will UnitronUC32 reduce operational costs week in week out, but it will also work to maintain the long-term serviceability and value of your facilities.

The UnitronUC32 solution provides a wide choice of integration options including BACnet, Modbus, KNX, M-Bus and OPC. Cylon’s philosophy is to provide an open system that is truly future proof.

Traditionally physical input and output configurations of controllers were fixed, which meant specifiers allowing 10-20% spare i/o capacity. While all controllers have universal inputs, only Cylon has UniPut™ technology which enables a single controller channel to perform any i/o function. With UniPut controllers, for the first time, control and monitoring points can be configured exactly as required and placed precisely where they are needed. UniPut i/o reduces or even eliminates the expense of providing controller capacity that will never be used.