Checkit UK Ltd

Checkit UK Ltd was established in 1992 and has been successfully installing award winning building energy management systems (BeMS) for over twenty years. The foundation of Next Control Systems Limited is built on the delivery of totally integrated solutions encompassing operational data and energy data within a single web based user interface. Our bureau provides 24/7/365 remote response for both energy and operational alarms. Alarm management can be handled in person or by an automated system that provides voice, e-mail and/or text response with an auditable trail of acknowledgement. Unacknowledged alarms are escalated based on an agreed escalation process.

Energy alarming is based on the anticipated consumption profile of the building / plant / zone and is triggered by any deviation outside of the agreed tolerances based on the operational expectations. We will analyse the operational and energy functions of the building and optimise its performance to ensure that the building is operating at its peak efficiency throughout the seasonal changes of the year or any change in occupancy or use.

Our web based graphical user interface (GUI) removes the need for a site based supervisor for the BeMS and/or the energy monitoring system thereby significantly reducing the lifecycle costs of a project. We offer a range of maintenance solutions that blend physical site based activity with remote response and intervention to provide the most cost effective service delivery against the defined performance indicators.

By continuously monitoring the performance of the BeMS and the connected plant, we can identify degrading performance in real time by comparing control loop analysis, expected environmental conditions and energy consumption. This enables us to provide true condition based maintenance focusing on the areas that cannot be remotely fixed rather than a traditional preventative maintenance plan.