Resource Data Management Ltd

Resource Data Management is a leader in the design and manufacture of advanced open protocol building control, remote monitoring and energy management solutions. Helping companies stay safety compliant, protect assets and manage energy. RDM offers a range of over 500 hardware and software products that are used by companies worldwide to create custom Heating Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC), building and energy control solutions. RDM products deliver predictive maintenance, as well as help, identify system issues and energy waste before they become a problem.

As a pioneer in advocating genuinely open control systems at the device level for over 20 years, their ongoing push for genuinely open protocols, including XML and web services, has helped propel the industry.

Fully scalable, RDM solutions operate at any scale of resolution. Giving users the ability to monitor and control everything from a single component to building-wide energy use, across a national estate, with thousands of locations and even more devices across the world.

ActiveFM™, an enterprise remote monitoring, facilities, energy and asset management software suite enables you to refine all of you disparate data, into streamlined business insights, by working with your HVAC infrastructure to perform complex analytics.

DMTouch, an advanced touchscreen control system front-end, effortlessly connects and communicates with a wide range of control and monitoring hardware and peripherals across a number of different networking and communication protocols.

An additional option, particularly for small format solutions, is the Intuitive TDB Controller with optional built-in colour display, presents a cost-effective alternative without compromising on functionality. The flagship controller from the Intuitive range, the TDB controller, has an impressive array of inputs and outputs. When coupled with RDM’s license free programmable logic control software TDB, it can communicate with and facilitate the most demanding HVAC and BMS applications.