Synapsys Solutions Ltd

Synapsys Solutions is a UK leader in developing products and software services which improve monitoring, control and integration in the intelligent building control industry. Striving to develop technologies to meet its customers’ evolving demands, a strong commitment to excellent service and support ensures customers maximise the system benefits.

Our products range from OEM controls, communications & integration, energy monitoring and data acquisition for building optimisation; and our growing range of software services including apportioned billing, Energy & Building Information Software (EBIS).

The various “SIP” solutions can be deployed as a complete system or individual components used to complement and enhance existing intelligent building systems.

All or our products/services offer simplicity of use and ease of engineering, and by putting the users in control, we enable them to create and operate more efficient, sustainable and functional buildings.

We believe that if a solution is too complex to use easily.. it ends up not being used and the customer fails to get benefit from smart building technology.

Our sister company Open Technology provides LiGO technology for intelligent control of Dali lighting to optimise lighting comfort, energy usage, compliance and the performance/maintenance of your LED estate.