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CBRE|ESI provides our clients a full complement of smart building solutions. We are at the forefront of the smart buildings industry and bring a wealth of experience and a proven track record in our respective disciplines. This includes complex systems integration, smart building strategy development, program management, and international deployments at scale. These capabilities provide a unique spectrum of skills and resources including vision, strategy, architecture, organizational alignment, IT security, IoT solution knowledge, project management, system integration, implementation, graphical user interface (GUI) development and ongoing optimization and support services.

Today’s challenges involve an array of issues including technology, engineering, behavior, business strategy, decision-making, stakeholder value proposition and an understanding of the complete value chain.
CBRE|ESI puts equal emphasis and importance on the people, processes, and technology components of our solutions. We work collaboratively with our clients to align these three interdependent factors across all stakeholder groups.

We are technology agnostic, utilizing best of breed, right fit technology that serves the strategic goals of each project. Our staff is experienced in all industry communication protocols and integration methods making our team unique in the industry. CBRE|ESI represents many different product and technology manufacturers. We support this broad offering with comprehensive and continuous training and development programs for all CBRE|ESI employees that is unmatched in the industry.

As a result, our experience and expertise are sought out by many providers globally to assist them in high-level BMS integration solutions and large complicated enterprise applications. The resources from CBRE|ESI provides a team with unparalleled strength of experience and expertise. Our team of engineers are experienced in the design, development and implementation of building management integration solutions, as well as certified in the Tridium Niagara platform, which is one of the industry’s leading smart building integration development platforms. Our team brings a full complement of talent, expertise and experience to enable applications and interfaces to be engaging, effective and ultimately, transformative.

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