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B Meters UK Limited

B Meters is a family owned Italian metering manufacturer that has been designing, producing and distributing instruments and solutions for measuring the consumption of water and energy used for heating and cooling, for over 25 years.

The yearly production currently exceeds 1,800,000 units putting B Meters in a leading position both at national and European level.

B Meters UK was opened in early 2019 to help support the growth of the brand, offer responsive same day technical support and faster access to product and solutions. The UK branch allows for a greater opportunity for distributors, installers and building owners in Great Britain to enjoy the benefits of up-to-date metering solutions that offer industry leading reliability of recoding and reporting water and thermal energy consumption.

All B Meters produced water and thermal energy meters possess approval certificates in the most restrictive of the 2014/32/EU Module B (MID) regulation.

The B Meters product range includes:

WRAS approved single and multi-jet water meters, ranging from 15mm to 50mm and WRAS approved woltmann water meters, ranging from DN50 to DN500, all with the capability of coming with an integrated pulse, m-bus, wireless m-bus, NB-IoT or LoRaWAN output.

EN1434 approved MID Class 2 ultrasonic thermal energy meters, ranging from 15mm to DN1200 and EN1434 approved MID Class 2 & 3 mechanical thermal energy meters, ranging from 15mm to DN300, all with m-bus, pulse and wireless m-bus output as standard.

To complement their water and thermal energy metering solutions, B Meters also offer their own m-bus and wireless m-bus reading systems and can also cater for irrigation and mass flow systems with their own range of electromagnetic flow meters, ranging from 15mm to DN2000.

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