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Carbon Numbers provides independent solutions to help businesses reduce energy consumption, cut costs and lower carbon emissions. Buildings are at the core of organisations. They provide space for people to work, learn, and live. No matter the function of buildings, it is key that they perform optimally to provide comfort for occupants and to function efficiently. CN’s mission is to implement energy-smart building solutions that reduce carbon emissions and have a positive impact on our planet. The path to smarter, more energy efficient buildings and businesses starts by evaluating and benchmarking current energy performance data by performance audits, energy audits and energy metering analytics.

Decarbonisation is crucial for any business or organisation working towards achieving Net Zero. It involves a fundamental shift in energy sources by switching from fossil fuels to low-carbon alternatives such as solar power, biofuels, and hydrogen. CN provides design and installation services for Heat pump installations, HVAC control systems and intelligent lighting systems with a target of Carbon Net Zero. Carbon Numbers also works with clients to assess buildings usage and energy consumption with a view to providing energy solutions to cut energy usage and therefore Carbon and cost. The implementation of cutting-edge sensor and control systems, working together with existing equipment, allows for the optimisation of building spaces and adapting to the ever-changing requirements of businesses. Maintaining the effectiveness of building energy performance is key to ensuring long term cost saving benefits. By gaining insights from our cloud-based system and developing a planned preventative maintenance schedule, plant equipment performance improves year on year.

CN remotely connects to client sites via their Carbon cloud and has an experienced team of energy managers, analysts and engineers continually monitoring real-time data and performance providing clear and concise weekly, monthly, and annual reports. Carbon Numbers also provides statutory reporting services such as ESOS and SECR. Facility energy performance is accessible via our secure, intuitive cloud-based reporting platform. It enables clients to view real-time information such as occupancy, weather data, and energy use, and provides 3-D visual representations of each room within a building. CN are recognised as one of the most innovative and agile BEMS contractors with a focus on energy saving & continuing/developing long-term relationships with clients.

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