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Chartwell Controls is a British company that designs, fabricates, installs and maintains BeMS systems across the UK and Europe. The company’s directors have focused on investing in the business to ensure the highest levels of quality and innovation. This includes bucking market trends by keeping fabrication and engineering skills in-house and instituting a thriving apprenticeship program. Doing so contributes to a stable base that allows us to offer long-term employment to our staff and long-term technical support to our clients.

Our directors remain engaged with our clients on a daily basis. Our customers can reach the management at any time, night or day, weekday or weekend. This ensures our business is responsive, agile and completely customer-centric, while forging strong ties with those for whom and with whom we work.

The company was founded in 2009 by Paul Coker and David Buchanan.  Paul & Dave were engineers who were working in the industry when their employer found itself unable to meet the needs of its clients. Customers who had been impressed with the intelligence, integrity and performance of both Paul and Dave enquired whether they could take on the workload.  Despite the country being deep in recession, the pair seized the opportunity to build a business modelled on their commitment to innovation, ethical conduct and quality. What began with three people working from Paul’s kitchen table is now a well-respected and resourced company of 67 (including consultants and regular sub-contractors) with a bespoke manufacturing and design centre in Kent.

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