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The leadership team of Complete Energy Controls came together with one binding principle – that we can deliver a better service to our customers. We are able to achieve this because our business is agile, flexible and has the breadth of skills, expertise and experience to do so.

We instil a culture that inspires colleagues and customers alike, allowing us to attract the very best talent, encouraging innovation and delivering a suite of customer solutions that are all underpinned by our Mission, Vision and crystal clear strategic objectives.

Every building, every asset, every request we manage for our customers is always delivered to eliminate all energy waste, reduce carbon emissions and improve environmental sustainability.

In delivering the optimal facilities to our customers, in partnership, we will eradicate disruption and downtime, reduce running costs, whilst simultaneously increasing occupant productivity and enhancing the customer experience.

Our mission is deliver the best controls, energy and remote building management capabilities in the UK (and beyond via our 24/7/365 eco-HUB remote operations centre). Our beliefs are founded in the industry-leading knowledge and experience of our team, our strategic partnerships, our innovative use of technology and an unflinching commitment to customer delight.

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