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The Econowise Group specialises in the design and delivery of smart/intelligent building solutions across multiple industry sectors whilst strictly adhering to both time and budgetary constraints.

Central to the Econowise Groups skill sets is our ability to deliver and maintain cutting edge BEMS solutions spanning a range of manufacturers that is close to unrivalled by any of our competitors, quite simply we are able to offer our clients complete flexibility of choice.

Through our passion to deliver state of the art functionality to fit a wide range of budgets and requirements the Econowise Group is standalone in the world of system integration and is continually striving to provide exacting control and functionality, this has lead our team of dedicated Engineers to develop integrated systems that provide end users with solutions that simply cannot be delivered by any other specialists within our industry.

From simple standalone Building and Energy management systems through to advanced IOT and cloud based whole building solutions The Econowise Group have proved themselves as market leaders spanning multiple sectors from residential through to commercial environments.

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