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SCS Group’s intelligent smoke control, BMS and passive ventilation systems are installed in thousands of buildings nationwide and its project teams have earned a reputation for technical excellence, reliability and open collaboration.

Crucially, its fire safety expertise means it is able to guarantee projects are compliant with all building regulations and that, in the case of smoke control, building users are fully protected in the event of a fire.

SCS Group’s value engineering approach applies to both initial project and ongoing running costs, focused on reduced installation time to make customers’ lives easier and boost their profit margins while ensuring a safe, efficient and cost-effective structure in the long-term.

Above all, SCS Group’s business is built around offering the best customer service it can, which is why customers return time after time. Every customer is allocated to a dedicated engineering team that handles every aspect of a project. This means customers have the same point of contact throughout, from the initial meeting to design, installation and commissioning.

All of SCS Group’s employees are shareholders so they really care about the service they deliver, and the company’s open client relationships are both a business strategy and a company-wide philosophy.

In addition to its project work, SCS Group also has its own control panel manufacture, programming and commissioning facility in Dorset, and runs, the go-to website for immediate ordering of replacement parts or systems for smoke or natural ventilation.

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