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Synergy Automatics Ltd

Synergy Automatics Ltd is committed to strengthening technology around system controls and IT. We provide custom-engineered platforms for our customers and systems designed to improve building management and maintenance efficiency.

We specialize in Building controls and secured IT infrastructure, with a vision of obtaining a long-term relationship with each of our clients. No problem is too small, no job too big, and no client is taken for granted.

Recently we have taken and successfully completed a large project to replace outdated building services and Information Technology Infrastructure. We have utilized state-of-the-art IT networking technologies, providing a World leading institution with an uncompromised level of resiliency and security using encrypted Virtual Private Network, automated data backup, high availability virtualised server environment with a centralized network monitoring solution.

Due to our extensive work the client can successfully manage its vast infrastructure, allowing scientific research to take place without disruption, bridge all connected equipment to a single user interface with the reassurance of complete security and data protection. This solution will achieve the ultimate goal of providing the client with a fast and in most cases completely automated disaster recovery due to unforeseen system malfunctions.

We believe in providing our customers with friendly, reliable services. Synergy Automatics Ltd treats each and every customer uniquely, fairly and with the highest possible attention to detail. We take engineering seriously, it is our profession and our passion. We are not fast food, we are not mass consumption, we are not “Big Box”, what we are is truly unique.

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