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TClarke Contracting Ltd

TClarke designs, installs, integrates and maintains the full range of mechanical and electrical services and the digital infrastructure to create a 21st century building.

Our service mix allows TClarke to deliver value at each stage of the project. The business focuses on five core target markets. We balance our business with a blend of existing markets of M&E, Infrastructure and Residential, renewing FM contracts and new markets such as Technologies.

Across the country, our directly employed teams lead the industry for quality and safety. Our focus is on being the partner of choice in each of the specialist areas we work in – and equally, on the retention and enhancement of our traditional reputation for value, trustworthiness and programme delivery.

Our delivery is underpinned by our core values, known as the TClarke Way. TClarke is well known as a place with strong traditions. People join as apprentices and stay throughout their careers, building deep skills, moving up and sharing knowledge.

TClarke lead on Safety. Safety is our number one priority and we lead an ‘absolute accident reporting’ regime.

A TClarke job means TClarke people, taking responsibility and pride in the installation. It also goes for the thinking that drives our solutions to complex problems. We have an exceptionally motivated workforce and we have invested heavily in excellent apprenticeships and training for decades. The result shows in the high quality of people at every level in our organisation.

We deliver practical innovations. We make designs easier to build and installations that use the right elements in the best way embracing new technologies and techniques.

Value through engineering expertise. The power and depth of our product knowledge and experience allows us to deliver marginal and major improvements at every stage from pre-construction to maintenance.

TClarke’s business relationships stretch for decades, on a corporate and personal level. When challenges emerge, our teams will be there, helping you to find the solution.

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