Act now to influence the Trailblazer funding band

The Employer Group is now in full flow with the BEMS Controls Engineer Trailblazer development and we are delighted to announce that our application has now been approved.

The next stage is to assess whether the funding band allocated to us by the Institute for Apprenticeships is sufficient for you and your businesses to carry out the training needed to develop your staff into competent BEMS Controls Engineers.

This is one of the most important stages because we need to ensure that you have access to the right level of funding for each employee on a BEMS Trailblazer apprenticeship. We have initially been allocated £9,000 for each employee (over a three year period). If we believe this isn’t enough, we can contest the funding band, but we need evidence to challenge it – and we need your help to do that.

What do we need?

The Employer Group needs to know which training courses you currently use for staff training and development, their duration and cost as this will allow us to gauge the potential funding which will be required for the BEMS Controls Engineer Trailblazer. To make this easier, a spreadsheet can be downloaded here which contains a tab with example training courses to show all of the information which we need. Please complete the spreadsheet and return it to Wendy Belfield by Friday 20 July.

The BEMS Controls Engineer Trailblazer is being developed by the Employer Group for the buildings controls industry and it is our opportunity to ensure that a route is available to help you to develop your staff into competent BEMS Controls Engineers. Please help us, and every future employee in our industry to achieve this by completing as much of this document that you can.