Apprenticeship Panel Survey: Have your say

The Institute for Apprenticeships & Technology Education has created a survey designed by apprentices, for apprentices. The purpose is to take a deep dive into the learner journey, looking at a range of different aspects that affect apprentices, from the content and assessment in their apprenticeship standards to their experiences while completing an apprenticeship. The survey is completely anonymised, and the data collected will be used by the panel to draw conclusions and present their results to the Institute’s board and route panels.

The intention is for the survey to collect information about all aspects of apprentices’ experience – so while there are a few questions about the impact on apprentices of Covid-19, most of the questions relate to apprentices’ wider experience and it is not expected that respondents confine their responses to what has happened in the past few months.

The Institute’s apprentice panel underwent a refresh at the start of 2020. With a high level of outstanding applicants the panel is now made up of 27 remarkable apprentices from across the UK comprised of a varied membership with different interests and backgrounds.

The remit of the panel is to work alongside the Institute to inform policy and other decisions made regarding apprenticeships. The Institute recognises how crucial the panel’s insight is to not only the work that they do but also in support of all apprentices who deserve the best quality programme to help them succeed in their future careers.

The survey can be accessed here and will close on 29th May 2020.