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Apprenticeships: A BEMS success - with funding attached

The BEMS Controls Engineer Apprenticeship has taken off and all the signs are there that it will be a tremendous success. National training provider, Group Horizon, in partnership with the BCIA launched their delivery of the Apprenticeship in September and two cohorts have now started the three year training programme with a third scheduled to commence in early 2022.

If you would like to know more about the BEMS Controls Engineer Apprenticeship please read the short Q&A guide below. Further information is also available on our dedicated website page here


How do I register an Apprentice?

Click here to request further information from Group Horizon and to register your interest.


Where can I find Apprentice Candidates?

Group Horizon can provide guidance on where you may find possible candidates or you can find further information here.


How much does it cost and is there funding available?

Bigger companies that pay the Apprenticeship Levy can use their Levy Pot to pay Apprentice Training Costs whilst smaller non Levy paying businesses receive 95% funding from the Government. Bigger employers with a surplus in their account can also financially support their supply chain in meeting the costs. Further information is available here.


A summary of the information received by members attending the BCIA Members’ Meeting is available on slides 49 to 55 of the Moor Hall Presentation which you can download here