Members' Meetings News

BCIA Plans for 2022 and beyond

As part of BCIA’s commitment to add value to its membership, we want to increase Member Engagement and to do this we want to understand and respond to our members’ priorities.

Following a survey of member views earlier this year the BCIA has completed a review and has developed a plan to support member businesses in areas where they wanted action. The BCIA will regularly review your priorities with regular all-member surveys each year.

Members attending the Autumn Members’ Meeting learned of the details of these plans, that include:

  • Providing all members with access to quarterly Market Update webinars, reviewing the latest market Information Service survey results. This data is only available to BCIA members, non-members get no access so only BCIA members get the opportunity to fully understand market performance, what is growing and at what rate and what is the ‘direction of travel.’
  • We are actively looking at what additional information we can usefully collect to support members and we may add to the survey questions in the coming year. Marketing Working Group members are reviewing the potential for additional questions.
  • Our first BCIA Annual Conference will take place on 5th May 2022, on the day of the BCIA Awards Dinner at the same venue. Keep a look out for further information on this event that will blend market development sessions with practical workshops on funding training and securing industry placements.
  • We are developing a comprehensive member resource pack to help our members engage with schools, colleges, and universities to help recruit the brightest and best into the sector. This will help interested businesses target high performing students in their communities to come and work in the sector. Projects and resources are being developed by active BCIA Members now, if you want to be involved email
  • In 2022 a new Members Area on the BCIA website will be launched to complement the information already on the website. This will provide additional resources to support member businesses and their employees.
  • Many more details on our plans are available on slides 13 to 24 of the Moor Hall Presentation which you can download here