BCIA Young Engineers Network describes Bloomberg tour as a “great viewpoint for future engineers”

The BCIA held its latest Young Engineers Network (YEN) event on Thursday 6th October at Bloomberg’s European headquarters in London. Launched in April, the Young Engineers Network has been set up to provide help and guidance for young people who want to progress in the building controls industry.

Noted for its energy efficiency, Bloomberg London opened in 2017 and went on to win the Stirling Prize for excellence in architecture in 2018. The event was fully booked and during the day the delegates were given a tour of the building, which included access to one of its two Energy Centres, a detailed talk with the Bloomberg Infrastructure team, who explained the operation of building management systems within Bloomberg’s buildings across EMEA, and also a visit to London Mithraeum, Roman ruins relocated during the build. After the event an evening of mini-golf was enjoyed at Puttshack, where the young engineers shared their experience, stories and knowledge with each other.

Some of the delegates later reflected on the day and emphasised the value of the YEN.

Greg Smith, Lead BMS Support/Commissioning Engineer at E.ON Control Solutions, said: “The day went really well. I was impressed with the turnout as well as the genuine interest of all who attended. It provided a great viewpoint for future engineers to see what they will be able to work towards in either engineering or even the design and construction phase. These events also offer us all a chance to make some real connections to aid in our future development.”

Bradley Willmoth, Lead BMS Engineer at E.ON Control Solutions, said: “The client throughout the afternoon engaged with the engineers to help explain main plans and the BMS design. Along with answering questions the feedback from the engineers regarding the tour and client were very positive and it’s great to see so many enthusiastic young engineers to lead the future.”

Josh Steel, BMS Sales Engineer for Syscom Building Management, said: “One of the highlights for me was that during the construction of the building, unbeknown to the contractors at the time, it was discovered that the building actually sits above an old ruin site dating back to the Roman ages with some 14,000 artifacts found. To see first hand the artifacts and ruins was a pleasure and to hear the difficulties and challenges this caused in the engineering and construction of the building was a great reminder that however you may have it planned there is always a ‘spanner’ thrown into the mix.”

Lucy Gale, Digital Energy Degree Apprentice at Schneider Electric, has attended two BCIA YEN events and believes they are a great opportunity to meet with young engineers who have a common interest, commenting: “I would recommend joining the BCIA YEN community as it builds your confidence in getting to know new people, widens your building controls knowledge and enables you to build strong relationships with face to face networking.”

Eugen Juravliov, Technical Apprentice at Schneider Electric, said: “These days are great opportunities for us to share ideas, learn from each other and promote innovative solutions for the benefit of everyone.”

Graeme Rees, BCIA President, is delighted with the experiences being enjoyed by the YEN delegates, adding: “It is fantastic that our young engineers are enjoying access to some of the most interesting and environmentally advanced buildings in the country. The enthusiastic engagement of the delegates is also very encouraging and is a great indication that the future of the building controls industry is in safe hands.”

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