Building Controls Industry Association celebrates 100 members

The Building Controls Industry Association (BCIA) is delighted to announce that it now has a grand total of 100 members. The recent addition of Kernow Controls has enabled the BCIA to celebrate this important milestone.

The Association is continuing to grow year on year and members of the BCIA play a pivotal role in raising the profile of the Association by contributing towards useful resources such as the new BEMS Performance Specification. What’s more, the BCIA Marketing, Skills and Technical Working Groups meetings bring like-minded people together to raise performance standards, promote training opportunities and reach out to other organisations and government bodies to ensure that building controls are top of the agenda.

The latest figures from the BCIA’s Market Information Services (MIS) show that during the 2018 calendar year a new record was set for the value of the total controls and BEMS market in the UK at £695.6 million, underlining the increasing profile of building controls.

As the Association grows, the BCIA has added a new category of Corporate Membership: Enterprise Membership. There are now two membership categories available, the newly added Enterprise and the original Full Membership.

Members of the BCIA receive discounted training, access to the Market Information Service, free membership of FETA (Federation of Environmental Trade Associations), as well as special rates for a selection of industry events and insightful publications.

Jon Belfield, President of the BCIA said:“It gives me great pleasure to welcome Kernow Controls to the BCIA and to celebrate the hugely significant landmark of reaching 100 members. We work with companies from all over the UK, bringing their expertise into the mix and tapping into the professional training capability that we have collectively.”

Lucie Hackney, Office Manager of Kernow Controls revealed: “We are very proud to have become the 100th member of the BCIA. It is a testament to the dedication and commitment of the Association and its members that it continues to grow and help steer the building controls industry forward.”