Collective Vision

BCIA President Graeme Rees introduces the BCIA’s Corporate Plan – a detailed document that outlines the strategic priorities for the organisation over the next three years.

BCIA members will have recently received some edited highlights of the BCIA’s new Corporate Plan. “What is this?” you might be thinking. Well, I will introduce briefly in this blog the background, development and aims of this Corporate Plan.

The BCIA is run by its members for its members, and this Plan has been co-created in partnership with them. Over 50% of BCIA members got involved in developing the plan through working group meetings, focus groups, the survey and at the recent members’ meeting so we are confident that it responds to what members want and expect from the BCIA. The Plan sets out the goals for the organisation in the next three years and how we will achieve our collective vision not only for the Association, but for the industry and our members.

Members have agreed the strategic priorities and focus for the industry, and the role that the Association must fulfil to ensure measurable and sustainable impact, progress and recognition of the vital role Building Controls plays in effective management of commercial and industrial buildings. The Association’s aims are to:

  1. Ensure that the Building Controls Industry is regarded as a high-value career of choice, supporting talent attraction and retention.
  2. Be collectively recognised as a trusted and expert voice within the political and policymaking space.
  3. Build a solid understanding of what Building Controls and Building Management Systems are and the value they add to delivering efficient buildings.
  4. Add value to members and deliver a network that enables collaboration and knowledge share to drive innovation.

Healthy buildings

The BCIA exists to create healthy buildings, through Building Controls systems, and we are proud of the fact that our members deliver the technology to create healthy buildings, through whole-life building and energy management solutions.

It is our aim to be the leading association for the industry working to ensure adoption of controls solutions within the built environment. As the go-to association for the industry we will lead on lobbying and advocacy; learning and skills; promote wider understanding and information, and support all our members to establish and maintain the highest standards in product and system development, application and service.

We have lots of exciting developments coming up. We will be launching a members’ area of the website really soon and the main website is being redeveloped. We are also planning campaigns to position the sector as a career of choice and have appointed specialist support to assist with the development of policy position papers so the sector has an evidenced based narrative for lobbying and advocacy, as we head towards Part L consultations expected over the summer months.

Look out for the next blog which will delve deeper into promoting the message on the wider benefits of using Building Controls solutions to create healthier buildings.