Eager to Learn

 Zach Stanley of Kendra Energy, one of the first apprentices on the BCIA’s BEMS Controls Engineer Apprenticeship Standard, gives his thoughts about his experience on the programme so far.

I was very attracted to this industry because it allowed me the freedom and the ability to learn in a way I never had before. The hours of learning are in my hands and I can control it. I am able to attend site with another engineer each day and learn a different skill or different part of the system and it is amazing that I am able to have a job and learn at the same time.

I was originally supposed to look for an electrical or mechanical apprenticeship as it seemed it was the best fit to pick one or the other because I didn’t have a great idea on what I wanted to do, but with this apprenticeship I am able to technically incorporate both into my works. I am learning how buildings work but I need to learn one with the other to fully understand how everything comes together.

So far I am three months in and I am eager to learn what I can each day and looking forward to learning more, as the more I understand the more I can do. Everyone is very helpful and friendly and can always answer my questions when I ask them. I feel like I could finish this apprenticeship and stay with this company a long while.

For me personally I was thoroughly impressed in how much help and education I was actually getting, and how we are getting our modules taught to us in blocks in order for us to better familiarise ourselves with everything and we are able to apply it in the workplace on a daily basis. I find that helps a lot more because I need to go over things many times before it actually sinks in.

All in all, I am very happy to have chosen this industry and I am excited to see what happens in the future.

The BEMS Controls Engineer Apprenticeship Standard offers a balance of on the job assessments and technical training which covers all aspects of the industry including Controls Hardware and Logic; Field Devices; Networking; Communication Protocols and Supervisor Software. Group Horizon, the BCIA’s official training partner, will deliver the BCIA’s technical training course modules BCM00 – BCM15 as part of the Apprenticeship. 

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