ETL Application for Building Energy Management Systems

The Energy Technology List (ETL) has recently published the new criteria for Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) on its website and is encouraging manufacturers to take the opportunity to make an application and get their products listed on the ETL.

The criteria for BEMS can be found here – BEMS Criteria. The ETL Scheme covers three categories of BEMS:

  1. Stand-alone hardware
  2. Software
  3. Combined hardware and software

The ETL is a Government-backed scheme featuring over 8,000 independently verified and accredited energy efficient products. The listing process for the ETL is simple and getting your products listed is free. All listed products are aligned with the latest Government policies and associated with industry best practice.

The application process for BEMS requires you to provide evidence that your products meet the performance criteria set by the ETL. You will be able to find out the suitable documentation for each product category within the criteria. For more information on how to submit an application please visit the Guidance page. Once you have submitted the application this will be checked to ensure all documents are provided. Then it is sent to a technical specialist who assesses the products to ensure they meet the requirements for BEMS.