Member News: The BCIA needs your help to develop the Trailblazer Standard End Point Assessment

The challenge of developing BEMS Control Engineers in sufficient numbers and quality for the industry, is one that the BCIA continues to address and the main focus at present is to achieve full professional recognition for BEMS Control Engineers. This will primarily involve the completion of a BEMS Trailblazer Apprenticeship standard (required as part of the government’s overhaul of the old apprenticeship scheme).

An employer-led Trailblazer Group has already been formed which meets the ‘Trailblazer Group’ criteria and as a result of their work a proposal to develop the BEMS Controls Engineer Standard was approved in December 2017.

The next stage is to draft the standard itself, including its key knowledge, skills and ‘behaviours’ (KSBs) that trainees will need to learn throughout their programme.

In addition, all Apprenticeship Standards have to include an EPA (End Point Assessment). To help with the process, the Trailblazer Group needs input from the wide range of organisations within the BEMS industry to help them define what employers think this EPA should include. Please help the group by answering a short survey which will help them to shape the EPA. Click here to access the survey.

Further information on the BEMS Controls Engineer Standard and how to join the Trailblazer Group is available on the Trailblazer Page.