New Energy Monitoring technology category to include BEMS and AM&T

The Energy Technology List (ETL) has announced updates to the Automatic Monitoring & Targeting Sub-Metering Systems and Building Energy Management Systems sub-technology groups.

Both Automatic Monitoring and Targeting (AM&T) Sub-Metering Systems and Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) play a key role in helping organisations make big savings on their energy bills. Now that these sub-technologies are listed on the ETL, organisations can easily identify the best products on the market.

By linking into control systems, the equipment’s function is to provide measurements on the exact energy consumption of each and every system. It can pinpoint wasteful areas and highlight equipment that needs replacing. This equipment can also help organisations make accurate plans to achieve Net Zero goals, as with any plan or decarbonisation initiative, measuring consumption is a vital first step – goals can’t be reached without measuring progress.

For the end user, these sub-technologies can not only have a significant impact on planning and prioritising equipment budgets, but they can showcase where their efficiencies are succeeding with the data such a system provides. For example, this might include having better controls over their lighting , heating and ventilation systems.

Having products listed on the ETL not only means end-users have better access to energy efficient equipment, but they have reassurance from an impartially verified source that their performance claims are accurate. For manufacturers, it’s a chance to increase visibility of their products, as well as gain accreditation from a government backed scheme.

The Energy Technology List is also adding a new technology group for Professional Foodservice Equipment and new sub-technology criteria for Commercial Fans. It’s also revising 12 other sets of technology criteria including Boilers and Refrigeration.

BCIA President Graeme Rees commented: “We welcome the addition of BEMS as a sub-technology group on the ETL. With the energy crisis and Net Zero high on the list of priorities for any building manager the importance of BEMS will continue to increase and this timely update will be extremely beneficial to manufacturers, installers and end users alike.”

A BEIS spokesperson added: “We’re delighted to feature AM&T and BEMS sub-technologies on the ETL – two sub-technologies that are instrumental for businesses to measure, report on and reduce their energy consumption. ETL accreditation not only helps manufacturers to stay up to date with recommended best practice but promoting the need for validated and rigorous testing helps to raise the standard of energy efficient equipment across the board – we’re excited to see where this update takes us.”