New Quarter 1 record for controls and BEMS market

The latest figures from the BCIA’s Market Information Services (MIS) show that Q1 2018 set a new annual Quarter 1 record for the value of the total controls and BEMS market in the UK at £654.8 million.

The figure for Q1 2018 is higher than the previous year market high of Q1 2017 which reached just over £652.9 million representing an increase of 0.3 %.  There has been a slight reversal in fortunes as Q4 2017 had reached the highest ever annual value at £661.9 million.

The MIS is a unique service for BCIA members which collects and collates information on the UK market. Figures are gathered from all members and details published anonymously in a series of quarterly reports. The MIS has been operating since 1991, so the BCIA now holds 26 years of historical data.

Since the beginning of the recession in 2008, the controls market fell by several millions. However since that time the sector has been steadily regaining lost ground to overtake its previous highest point.

The BCIA continues to grow its membership and overall represents 60.0 % of the total market.

Alan Ranson, who manages the MIS for the BCIA, says: “We are very pleased that the MIS can track the controls sector in such detail as it supports the BCIA membership in their planning. It is also good to see continued growth.”