#OneSmallChange is all it takes

The BCIA has led the #OneSmallChange campaign to encourage members and others in the industry to share their own examples of how they’ve increased energy efficiency in a building.

It is easy to think that issues surrounding climate change are ‘too big’ to be fixed and that the actions of individuals will not make a difference. However, if each one of us takes one small step on a daily basis to save energy usage, collectively it makes a huge difference to the world that we live in.

Thank you to everyone who has already shared their actions on Twitter or LinkedIn using the hashtag #OneSmallChange. Following the BCIA initiative, Graham Rees of Schneider Electric said he switched off the meeting room lights in a remote part of the building and that if he hadn’t have done so, they would have remained on until security did their checks later in the day.

Following BCIA President Jon Belfield’s wise words in his Lead the way blog, it also encouraged Graham to buy his family reusable water bottles in order to make a difference to the planet.

Another great energy saving example was shared by Tom Randall of Building Optimisation Services. Tom observed that, by widening terminal unit heating and cooling deadbands from 1°C to 2°C in open plan areas, significant reductions in heating and cooling demand could be achieved, as conflict between units causing energy wastage and discomfort was removed.

Energy saving methods such as the few examples listed above all play a pivotal role in making our buildings more sustainable.


Keep the #OneSmallChange momentum going by sharing your own actions online as this will help motivate others to change their behaviours too. Big or small, complex or simple, let’s get the message out there and use the power of our voice and social media. #OneSmallChange