Keep control of your renewable technologies

As the use of building integrated renewables grows, it is important to ensure that these technologies are integrated into the building services system - and correctly measured, monitored and managed.

Controlling the value of buildings

Commercial buildings play a major role in the financial sector, and should be viewed as major assets.

EEDO call for evidence – building controls offer the best evidence yet

On taking up his new role as Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Edward Davey said that energy efficiency is 'the cheapest way of cutting carbon'.

Measure it to manage it

The measurement of building energy performance is not simply about keeping track of your utility expenditure.

Energy is a business issue

Towards the end of 2011, the government published its proposals for Electricity Market Reform (EMR).

Don’t just collect your data – analyse it too

As legislation has driven the increased use of metering and sub-metering in buildings, facilities and energy managers are left wondering how best to use the data they are collecting.

The value of control

Building controls add long-term value to commercial buildings, but only if clients are prepared to give a clear brief to specifiers - and stick to it explains Ian Ellis, BCIA president.

Building controls – saving energy and carbon

The Building Controls Industry Association believe that controls offer a highly cost-effective solution to the challenges of reducing energy and carbon emissions.

Take control of your building controls

Building controls can play an important role in reducing energy waste in buildings, but BCIA President Ian Ellis explains why it's people that really count when it comes to ensuring that a long-term energy-saving strategy works.

Controls for energy efficiency

As we strive to reduce building energy use in tough economic times, BCIA President Ian Ellis highlights just how cost effective building controls are, and why building managers should put them at the heart of any energy-saving strategy.

Controls and renewables – approaches to efficiency

Renewables offer an obvious way to tackle carbon reduction targets for the built environment, but other less visible technologies can achieve excellent carbon and energy savings – and often in a more cost-effective way.

Opening the way to efficiency

Any building designer, owner or operator striving to achieve energy efficiency must put building controls at the heart of the programme.