Record-breaking MIS figures for 2018

The latest figures from the BCIA’s Market Information Services (MIS) show that during the 2018 calendar year a new record was set for the value of the total controls and BEMS market in the UK at £695.6 million.

This represents a significant rise of £38.4 million in comparison to the figures achieved at the end of the 2017. This underlines the strength of the controls and BEMS market and is excellent news.

The MIS is a unique service for BCIA members which collects and collates information on the UK market. Figures are gathered from all members and details published anonymously in a series of quarterly reports. The MIS has been operating since 1991, so the BCIA now holds 28 years of historical data.

The BCIA continues to grow its membership and overall represents 60.6% of the total market.