Members' Meeting News

Recruitment and retention

The BCIA has been and remains a huge advocate of encouraging young people into the BEMS industry and is extremely conscious of the fact that the future success of the sector requires consistent levels of fresh talent entering it.

At the Autumn Members’ Meeting an interactive session of presentations, Q&A and discussions looked at two key elements of where companies could focus the recruitment of prospective engineers and how both T Levels and Apprenticeships can help secure new entrants into the BEMS sector.

T levels –  A way to attract young talent and evaluate the capacity of possible recruits

  • What are T-Levels?
  • How employers engage – workshops, case studies etc.
  • What student placements are and how they operate
  • Support available to employers, how to find colleges with T Level students, what funding/incentive payments are available

More information on these issues is available here:

T Levels and industry placement support for employers

T Level Employer incentive payments for employers offering a T Level industry placement

T Levels on LinkedIn

A summary of the information received by members attending the BCIA Members’ Meeting is available on slides 36 to 48 of the Moor Hall Presentation which you can download here