Young Engineers Network – how to get involved in 2023

The Young Engineers Network was launched in April 2022. Set up to provide an opportunity for the future talent of the Building Management Systems (BMS) industry to come together, it has established itself as a network where members can benefit from sharing knowledge, further their learning about the great variety of control applications and generally get to know their peers working in the industry. The Young Engineers Network is open to Engineers under the age of 35 in BCIA member companies.

Since its launch members have benefited from visiting two of the most technically advanced buildings in the country – Tottenham Hotspur Stadium and Bloomberg HQ – and enjoyed post-tour socials to help build a network with like-minded people at similar stages of their careers.

It’s been a great success so far, with 192 followers on the YEN LinkedIn page and over 60 young engineers registered as interested in attending events.

At a meeting held on 7th December, members of the Network came together to discuss the future ambitions for YEN.

A number of themes came forward, including how the Network can influence change and innovation in the industry, encouraging diversity and best practice in talent attraction and retention, combining site visits with learning outcomes (CPD), inspiring people on the career pathways and variety of roles that exist in the BMS arena and scoping out regional activity to broaden engagement from Young Engineers across the UK.

At the meeting, it was also agreed that:

–       The ambition is to grow the Network further, with members pledging to reach out to colleagues in their companies and across their networks.

–       A Facebook discussion forum will be set up, to provide a platform where Young Engineers can discuss challenges and collaborate on finding solutions.

–       The Network would be formalised with a Chair and Vice-Chair so that clear priorities and work streams can be established, with administrative and potentially financial resources supporting project delivery.

To achieve all this, we need more Young Engineers to get involved. It’s free to join for BCIA employees of member companies. Sign up here.

BCIA President Graeme Rees said: “It’s been a very successful first year for the Young Engineers Network and we hope that this will continue into 2023. The Young Engineers have really benefited from meeting up and sharing their experiences and I am sure that increased engagement with younger members of the industry will deliver positive results for the sector as a whole.”