Young Engineers Network survey feedback

The BCIA’s Young Engineers Network (YEN) recently conducted an online survey of Network members in order to help shape its aims and priorities. The survey has produced some great insights and ideas for events/learning themes.

The survey revealed that 37% of respondents had got into the industry through an apprenticeship, compared to 25% who had gone through university. An impressive 91% also said they regularly undertake additional learning and development within their company. Key subjects were suggested for potential embedded learning at future YEN meetings and events, including Automation, Digital Twins, Internet of Things, and the effective use of Free Heating/Cooling.

Encouragingly, almost 60% of respondents have said they will be willing to offer their time and expertise to help move forward a programme of meetings/events and support with developing projects to support the YEN priorities around diversity and professional learning opportunities.

Marketing material

At the last meeting the YEN was asked to develop some initial collateral to help members raise awareness of the Network with their employer and with their eligible work colleagues, and also to help widen awareness of the YEN throughout their networks. As a result, a new flyer has been produced to promote the aims and objectives of the Network, as well as an email banner that can be inserted into YEN members’ e-signatures.

BCIA YEN Chair Greg Smith said: “We very much hope you will be able to support the YEN by showcasing that you are a member, and to share the flyer with colleagues and associates so that they too can understand the benefits of the YEN and what the Network aims to achieve. Volunteers are coming together over the next few weeks to plan a programme of events and meetings, as well as a group looking at marketing and communications activity. We will update on this in due course.”