Don’t fear innovation…embrace it!

Managing change is something we all have to do at home and at work, sometimes as a reaction to events and other times as part of strategic planning. To some, managing change comes easily, others might be more apprehensive – but both these responses are normal!

With so much innovative technology ‘disrupting’ our industry and our world, one reasonable response might be that “we’ve got on fine so far, where is the pressure coming from to change?”  Indeed, there may be no signs that it is broken and therefore not obviously in need of fixing but assessing where & how technology changes should be made in our businesses is a fascinating strategic dilemma.

Some will assess everything and change nothing, some might do the complete reverse and instigate major changes to adopt new technologies. The point here is not the quantity of change or how radical it might be, but that innovation has been embraced, understood and managed to ensure our businesses remain fit and ready for the markets they seek.

To succeed in business, managing change is vital, as is moving with the times. Even the most successful organisations can put themselves at risk if they opt to stand still or be complacent. That’s why there is a focus to be pro-active to shape their businesses to reflect the market expectation so that the opportunities brought by innovation can be maximised…

Change can bring about so many positives – and we live in an age where we can drive change in the direction we want. Advances in technology are something that we can all enjoy and benefit from; that’s if we choose to reap the rewards of course…

The dynamic and sophisticated world of building controls symbolises this and now we have smart buildings, smart cities, IOT and so forth; all of which have endless capabilities – these are exciting times for us to be working within the sector.

Thanks to innovation, smart controls and intelligent thinking, we can capitalise on the wonders of technology whilst ensuring that commercial buildings are not only eye-catching and delivering optimum comfort for occupants but are also sustainable.

The continued focus of increasing energy efficiency in commercial buildings is a must. There are a vast range of innovative building control solutions and technologies available on the market, so we are not short of opportunitiesin order to achieve lower carbon emissions to help the environment and meet stringent government targets…
A wonderful example of embracing innovation is Chartwell Controls who claimed honours in the Independent Building Controls and BEMS Installer of the Year at the recent BCIA Awards. Chartwell Controls are committed to continuous innovation to benefit their customers. One of their many successful projects was connecting hundreds of energy meters via existing LAN networks at Battersea Power Station.

Not only did this save tens of thousands of metres of cabling, but with redesigned controller software at the Sainsbury Laboratory, this helped to greatly improve control stability and energy efficiency. Subsequently, this saw a 32% reduction in gas use which is highly significant in lowering running costs and increasing energy efficiency.

Despite such advances, some business owners can still be reluctant to accept or welcome change. For those who are less keen to move with the times and utilise complex technology, don’t let fear get the better of you. Yes, there are small risks associated with any change, but surely there is a bigger risk of getting left behind?

Be one step ahead of the competition because if you don’t, your client base may consider switching to a more forward-thinking organisation. Do not see innovation as your enemy, welcome it with open arms. Embracing innovation is the route to driving an increase in energy efficiency, promoting wellbeing and ensuring sustainable commercial buildings over the long term…