Ron Purcell

Siemens Building Products

Ron is an experienced controls and BMS engineer and advocate for smart buildings and controls with 40 years’ industry experience.  He is an active member of CIBSE and holds an HNC in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Ron believes that controls are vital to meet many of the challenges that we face today including how to deliver energy efficient buildings that also deliver wellbeing for their occupants.  Whilst we predominantly still move water and air around the building there are smarter ways to achieve this at lower costs and to a greater comfort.  One of our biggest challenges is to install systems that are smart and intelligent enough to cope with today’s sophisticated designs whilst still being intuitive enough to be useful to the occupant.  He believes that our industry is changing with the rise in greater connectivity and IOT and the BCIA has a vital role to play in highlighting the benefits this can bring and the importance of training to help deliver these benefits.