Simon Patman


Simon’s career in the BMS industry started accidentally as an 18-year-old interested in computer-aided design. By complete coincidence his first design job was for BMS control panel wiring diagrams and that was the beginning of the never-ending learning curve. As time passed, Simon began to lend a hand at various roles within the delivery of a turnkey BMS project (to suit the needs of his employer at the time), including spending some time out on-site commissioning, project engineering, and later, project management.

Finally, he settled with estimating which proved to be the best mix of being able to have a real impact on the success of his employer, and for being creative and innovative (within the confines of specifications and project requirements) to improve upon that success. To facilitate a more flexible lifestyle Simon started BMeStimate in 2019 to provide outsourced BMS estimating services and assist contractors with the peaks and troughs of a turbulent construction industry.