Trailblazer Standard

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The BCIA is delighted to announce that the BEMS Controls Engineer Trailblazer has now been approved. There is still some work to be done before we officially launch it to the industry in April 2020 and further information will be available on the BCIA website soon.

In the meantime, we are asking BCIA members for their valuable input in regard to the number of potential trainees for the Trailblazer Programme. To help the Employer Group negotiate the best deal with a Leading Training Provider we need to provide an indication of how many candidates there are likely to be at each stage.

If you could download the short questionnaire here and indicate how many employees you may put through the Trailblazer programme in the first year – this will greatly help the process.

Can you please return the completed form to Roger Borer.

For further detail on the Trailblazer please check the documentation published on the Institute for Apprenticeships (IfA) website. For further information click here.

BEMS Controls Engineer TrailblazerPresentation and training in business office

The challenge of developing BEMS Control Engineers in sufficient numbers and quality for the industry, is one that the wide variety of BCIA employer members have been pondering since the association’s formation (in its current form) in 2004. Many inroads have been made during this period from the BCIA’s formation and many more developments are in the pipeline. The main focus at present is to achieve full professional recognition for BEMS Control Engineers and this will primarily involve the completion of a BEMS Trailblazer Apprenticeship standard (required as part of the government’s overhaul of the old apprenticeship scheme). In case you are not aware, an apprenticeship standard is an ‘approved pathway’. It outlines what a ‘trainee’ could be doing, and the skills they need to become a BEMS Control Engineer but it is much broader than the traditional apprenticeship course used to be and can include a whole range of other appropriate areas of study (not just at a college and can include professional courses). It should therefore allow potential recruits (of all ages and skill levels) from all backgrounds (from within and outside the industry) to access this route and the Government funding associated with it.


In order to be involved in the Trailblazer process an employer-led Trailblazer Group has to be formed and the BCIA has facilitated this by putting BEMS employers in touch with one another. A group has now been formed which meets the ‘Trailblazer Group’ criteria but new members are always welcomed.

Trailblazer groups should:
Have a wide range of employers who are committed to working actively on the development of a new apprenticeship standard, and intend to use the apprenticeship standard once it has been approved for delivery; Have at least 10 different employers as members (in addition to any professional bodies or trade associations who want to be involved); Reflect the range of companies which employ people in this occupation – including size, geographical spread and sector. Any trailblazer group should normally include at least two employers with fewer than 50 employees. Even if you are unable to commit to the use of the new Apprenticeship Standard at this stage we would still encourage you to support the Trailblazer Group and input your knowledge and expertise by making contact.